About Us

"Wheel Dealer Distributing is a family owned business that specializes in custom/nostalgic style wheels for Classic Vehicles."

Established in 2009, Wheel Dealer Distributing was formed from a family hobby of collecting & working on Classic Vehicles. After ten successful years of selling vintage style wheels on eBay and procuring over a thousand positive reviews; we finally decided to build an online store.


Torq Thrust Specialties is solely based on our #1 seller made by American Racing since 1956. We are one of the largest Torq Thrust dealers/distributors in the country and our staff is standing by to help you get the perfect set for your vehicle.
Although, we do offer other major name brand wheels and you may see some on our site, due to their demand.

We ship wheels, wheel/tire packages & vehicle accessories anywhere in the lower 48 States for FREE. We take pride in buying directly from the manufacturer in large quantities and passing-on the significant savings to you, our valued customer.
Best of all...we're always just a phone call away: 281-370-5700